Definition of Communication

Etymologically, the communication comes from the Latin cum meaning with , and unit, a word which means a single number. Those two words formed noun communio, which means togetherness, a joint partnership, association, or relationship. Because communio needs work and effort, the word is made verb communicate which means to share something with someone, exchange, discuss things with people, tell something to someone, talk, exchange ideas, in touch, friendships.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English provides definitions of the word Communicate as “to the make opinions, feelings, information etc, known or understood by others.” Another meaning set forth in the dictionary is to share or to change opinion, information, etc. While communication is defined as the act or process of communicating. Dennis Murphy, in his book "Better Business Communication" saying "Communication is the whole process used to reach other minds." Meanwhile, according to Harwood, "Communication is more technically defined as a conduction process for the memories."

There are many definitions of communication, but of the many definitions, communication can be interpreted as a word that encompasses all forms of interaction with others in the form of ordinary conversation, persuade, teach, business, and negotiation. Communication is an art and science of interacting with a person or group. Said as an art because communication has its own style and unique characteristics for their intended purpose. Regular communication has the different styles with business communication. Communication is a science because it can be explained scientifically, and a variety of communication styles can be learned and applied in accordance with their needs.


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