The 10 Values ​​of Sam Walton

You certainly know Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. How's Sam Walton make Wal-Mart as a company that had revenues of millions of dollars every year and become one of the most admired company? Here are some values ​​that are performed by Sam Walton in doing business!

1. High commitment to your business. If you are sure of your business, then love it and show that you always do the best. This love will make you enthusiastic about the work, and a sense of enthusiasm will be contagious to your environment.

2. Share the profits with all employees, and treat them as partners. And be a person who appreciate how the partnership should continue to be realized.

3. Give motivation to your partner. Money and ownership are not enough. You should always look for new ways to motivate and challenging them. Create high goals, encourage competition and still provide an evaluation.

4. Communicate as much as possible on your partner. The more they know, the more they understand the company. The more they understand the company, then they will be more attention to the company. If you do not believe in your partner over something that happened, then if they know, they will assume you do not value them as partners.

5. Appreciate everything your employees do. In addition to providing money and the chance of having company shares that employees are loyal, they should be rewarded. Everyone is always like it when told that someone appreciates his work. Always give praise, it does not cost and benefit for the future.

6. Celebrate your success. Try and find a humorous side of your failure. Do not be too serious, and try to relax. If you are relaxed, then the people around you will be relaxed as well. Have fun, and always to show enthusiasm.

7. Listen to everyone in your company. Try to see that they can talk. Especially those in the front row, because they are always dealing with customers, and know more. This is the real total quality, which you encourage responsibility and tried to tell you what is happening.

8. Exaggerated expectations of your customers. If you do that, then they will keep coming back and back again. Give them what they want and add a little more. Show that you appreciate them. Acknowledge all your mistakes and do not look for reasons, immediately apologized.

9. Keep an eye on your costs. Because this is a source of competitive advantage retailers. You still have time to do some mistakes and still able to run a business if you operate efficiently.

10. Try against the current. Try to find a different path. If everyone do the same way, then this is an opportunity for you to seek profit in a different way.

That's Sam Walton values legacy for your retail business development. Hopefully these values ​​can be transmitted to you.

(processed from the book Sam Walton: Made In America, My Story, co-authored by J. Huey, Doubleday)


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