Others People Money-Lessons from Aristotle Onassis

Have you ever heard the story of Aristotle Onassis, an entrepreneur who makes himself as a king of tankers?

At that time Onassis realize that there is a need for large amounts of oil in America and Europe. Oil resources in the Arab countries, and transportation problems caused oil prices is high. Onassis emerged an idea to create a super tanker that carrying oil from the Arab to be distributed to the U.S. and Europe. He gathered some engineer, told his idea to create a super tanker. They agreed to draft designs.

With the basic design, Onassis fly to Arab to negotiate with oil suppliers. They do not believe that Onassis could solve their transport problems, but eventually Onassis can convince them that he had a way out. Onassis made ​​an agreement with them. With the provision of that agreement coupled with the design from his engineer, Onassis flew to meet American and European bankers. He assured the bankers in order to fund his business, and eventually they agreed.

Furthermore Onassis fly again to the Arab to explain his efforts. He signed a contract with Arab countries to transport oil for 10 years. And Onassis become rich!

You can see that the Onassis became rich almost without capital, which in a way that he popularized the term “Others People Money”. He just had the idea, making the system, and work with the system. Onassis taught that to be successful is not just a matter of having capital or not, but you must be smart in taking opportunities, using others people money, finding and building the right system, and wait for the results.


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