The Effect Of Word Of Mouth On Tourism Business

6 days ago I made a tour of duty to the Krui Central Coast regency of West Lampung, Lampung Province, Indonesia. For two days I stayed there. I feel an almost similar situation to Bali, there are beautiful beaches, as well as foreign tourists. The difference is if in Bali is crowded and famous, while in Krui still quiet and perhaps not widely known by people. It may even amongst locals Indonesia was not familiar with this Krui Central Coast beaches. Why is that? The proof is more foreign tourists than domestic tourists. Even while I was there I did not find a single domestic tourists. Well this is strange, the tourist attractions in their own country but instead unknown. Then why Krui beach is better known among foreign tourists than domestic tourists? Perhaps this is why.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Based on the research, the character of foreign tourists tend to carry out exploration in exploring a tourist region, and they usually explore a place that has never been addressed before. If they find a place that feels comfortable, they will spread information about this place either through social media, telephone, or others. They will tell the place in his blogs about the sights. And from the stories on their blogs and social media is finally began to spread among his friends, and eventually throughout the world.

This is The Power of Word of Mouth. Power of language and communication is ​​a low-cost marketing weapons. In fact you may not have to cost to do this kind of marketing strategy. Power of Word Of Mouth can also be a weapon to destroy your business when the negative talk directed to your product.

For this Krui Coast sights I believe his Word of Mouth is positive nuances, as many foreign tourists visit here. Then why is it word of mouth was positive? I'm sure it was not only a beautiful place and great are its assessment. Side of the service and friendliness of the residents would also become the main assessment. Travelers are newcomers, and newcomers will feel happy when they were greeted with a friendly, served with excellent, and they feel safe living in the midst of society.

Therefore, actually in order for a tourism can be developed, insanely cost advertising is less effective if the concerned tourism players do not understand the importance of service. Bureaucracy and government regulation, the character of the native population, tourism infrastructure should be designed in such a way as to be able to service the tourists with excellent. And if this service has been excellent, so to boost business tourism government may not need to pay to advertise. Enough with cheap marketing strategy, which is the Power of Word of Mouth. X67V9N4NR5Z5



Pantai Krui, sebuah pantai alami yang indah dan eksotis. agaknya kurang promosi di negeri sendiri nih, bos, hehe ... sampai2 wisata domestik jutsru malah langka.

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