Business Math: What is the value of 100:0?

If a mathematician were asked about the calculation of 100:0, the mathematician would write "∞" on the board. The symbol "∞" is a symbol in math means that the value is imaginary. Imaginary means that we cannot determine the exact value. Imaginary means between being and not being. It says "exist" because there is concrete, ie 100. While saying "no" because the real value of 100 cannot distributed to anyone. 100:0, 50:0, 25:0, 1:0 is a imaginary divide calculation. Imaginary is beyond our mind. We cannot declare a realistic answer.

However, for an entrepreneur, the value of the imaginary is something that is very encouraging. If a mathematician wrote 100:0 = "∞", then an entrepreneur will write = 100:0=opportunity. What does he mean? If the number 100 is a potential business or available consumer market , while the number 0 means that the consumer is not no serving, no people who work on this market or potential business, then of course that the number 100 is a business opportunity.

An accomplished entrepreneur will change the number "0" becomes "1", which means he became innovators. Innovators means that the entrepreneur is a person who first worked on the business potential of value "100". What which occurred? Of course he became the market leader. Just imagine the huge market potential is only produced by one person. For some time he will reap much profit till popping up followers who fought market.
Confused? OK, this is the concrete way:

100:0 = "∞"
A few decades ago, the human needs to listen to music was limited to being in the room that have large tape recorder. When in fact humans are social beings with high mobility who need entertainment while traveling. Many of those people expect to be able to enjoy music on the go, while jogging, or while biking. But then, this is merely a utopian imaginary, alias (100:0 = "∞").

100:0 = 1
This imaginary expectations for Akio Morita, founder of Sony Corporation is seen as a business opportunity. Akio Morita through his company created the "Walkman", which is a small tape recorder that can carry even be put in the bag. Akio Morita plays as an innovator. With this innovation, "Walkman" brand became very trends at that time, even the "walkman" became a generic name. This led to the "Sony Walkman" as the market leader in portable tape recorder. Sony mastered all the existing market, they achieved all benefit. (100:1 = 100).

100:2, 100:3, 100:4, and so on ...
When the Sony Walkman was proven that those people hope is not imaginary, even Sony reap spectacular profits, then start popping up followers became Sony’s rival. It has become a business law, where there is sugar, and then there is the ant. Followers began fighting over the “100 market shares. Finally, Sony’s market shares is not 100 anymore, but has become smaller due divided by its competitors. Figures 1 changed to 2,3,4, ..., 50, 60, .... However, this is not a problem because Sony had already profited very much, before there is the competitors. And Sony is looking for new innovations.

Key Point
The essence of business mathematics is important, in which an entrepreneur must:
1. Alert to opportunities, see the imaginary and turn them into realistic.
2. In order to reap a fantastic profit, an entrepreneur must become an innovators, not followers.
3. When competitors have sprung up, and the market is already saturated, an entrepreneur should look for new innovations. If he did not innovate, at least he had to develop his innovative products for the better by improving the quality and highlight the differences from the competitors.


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