Promotion is underway!

A criminal was shot by police while in action. He immediately coma in the hospital, and then he was dreaming carried by the angels to the hell. But he was surprised as hell very crowded. A lot of people dancing, drinking, gambling, and there are many beautiful actresses. Immediately, he wanted to get in, but detained by the devil, "Wait!" Said the devil. "Your time has not come yet, go back to the world. Make it even worse, then you can go to hell ", said the devil in a convincing explanation.

Finally he returned to the world. As per the devil's message, he did crime again and even worse. Eventually he shot to death by police. He is escorted by angels to hell, but horrify because the fire are everywhere, the stench of blood, lots of venomous animals, and many cries for help. Confused and frightened, he said, "There was no such thing before!?" The devil smiled and said, "Oh, last time, the promotion was underway..." How disappointed for the criminals to obey the devil's message. He is deceived, and now he is really lost.

There are times when a business corporation act like the devil, with a very convincing presentation of the product, coupled with a large-scale promotion, though the quality of its products incompatible with the initial presentation. The company is intended to deceive customers and prospective customers. Such a company may be able to make a profit by selling the lot, because the promotion and convincing presentation, but this is only temporary. This company will not last long, because customers have been deceived so they are not willing to buy back. Even with the power of "word of mouth" they would deploy his experience to his friends, and they recommend not to use the company's products. Eventually these companies will go bankrupt, and disappeared as abandoned by customers.

In a business, promotions and products presentation is a natural thing, and definitely do, because it is a part of marketing strategy. It's just that the promotion and presentation must be reasonable, and in accordance with the reality. If we promote the good quality of our products, then we have to prove it. In essence what we are doing should not lie to our customers, because it would prejudice our own business. It's ok earning not much money, but it should runs continuously. The main purpose of a business should to get as many loyal customers, because they are who give you a regular income for our business, and will automatically promote our business to their friends.


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