Market Leaders or Challengers

In a business, a position as market leader and as a challenger has different characteristics.

A business that acts as a market leader where the majority of the market share then the attention are a profit. The company demanded more efficient in order to increase profits. The addition of branches to distribute the product is not too much, all efforts were devoted to improving the quality of existing branches.

If a business acts as a challenger, they tend to increase market share, so they are generally more aggressive than the market leader. Challengers usually more priority to sales by opening more branches and less tolerant with low margins.

This is a business competition, where the challenger or newcomer companies will try to steal and if possible take over the position of market leader. Meanwhile the market leader will exert every effort to maintain market share it has. Compete on strategy and fighting tactics of the challenger with the challenged has already begun. Just like a war, who has a workable marketing strategy will achieve victory.

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Everyone wants to be a market leader, but to be there they should be a challenger first said...

It is hard to be a market leader. You should creative, smart, and has unique business said...

It is war. Business is a war, but it is a fun war. Who has great strategy will win

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