Building A Productive Team

The team is a group of people who work together in performing an activity for a particular purpose. Productive means making. Building a productive team means making a bunch of people who can work together for a particular purpose, where everyone joined in the group contributed the maximum in his work. Consider the following analogy!

If we observe a chariot drawn by three horses, there is an intriguing question, "the speed of the carriage, which is determined by the horse? Do reply at the fastest, middle, or horses who at the latest?" It was the most interesting fact that the speed of the carriage is determined by the slowest horse, however fast two other horses, if there is one horse which is slow, then the speed will be delayed as a whole.

The analogy above illustrates that the speed and success of the team work to achieve its goals is determined by each member of the team in working together. For that there are things that must be considered in building a team to be productive, namely:

1. Number of Human Resources
The number of necessary human resources should be right, not more and not be less. Excess amount of human resources will certainly be burdensome salary to be paid, besides that of course there are people who will not work effectively. In other words there will be some people who are paid but not worked. Lack of human resources will lead to inhibition of the speed of work due to the accumulation of tasks that can be burdensome workload of the team. In order for a team can work effectively and efficiently, then the determination of the amount of labor should be appropriate to the needs of the team.

2. The Skilled People
The right amount of labor alone is not sufficient to form a productive team. Productive team requires people who are skilled in their respective fields. Sometimes necessary to set up a training to its members so that they can become skilled in performing a job.

3. The Innovative People
Innovative people are knowledge-based people, means people who are knowledgeable and able to be creative and have a fantasy in the works. It is very necessary in a productive team that arose an idea that can create more job quickly and accurately. Further more, innovative workers who can come up with a passion could makes the team became more lively.

4. Well Rewarded People
Workload of a team must also be balanced with the welfare of its members. Because welfare provided will give them additional motivation to work calmly and productively.
Systems and effective strategy of the company are necessary to establish a balance between rights and obligations of the workers so that they remain motivated.

5. Aligned People (Synergy)
To form a productive team of course all team members must be able to work together. This synergy means is that every team member understands that the task they have will greatly affect the workload of other team members. Thus the spirit of cooperation should be held so that all team members can work together. No need for mutual self-effacing or even topple the other team members. The principle of mutual respect both personally and professionally is essential to foster synergy among team members.


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