"I forgot my homework"

Each student is always given homework on the topics that have been received in the classroom. Function of this homework is in addition to reviewing the topics received; this also is to train students in studying activities regularly. Usually students are lazy to study at home; give homework is a form of "coercion" to the students to always study. Does not bring homework assignments can be a problem for students, because of it, homework assignments must be completed and submitted to the class at all costs.

There are several reasons why the students did not turn in his homework to class:
1. Forgot to do it.
2. Not understanding what is assigned.
3. Already did, but lost.
4. Already did but forgot to be brought to campus.

When I was a student, I had an incident where I forgot to do my homework. The task must be presented in front of the teachers and classmates on the next day. I am confused as hell. Do immediately was no longer possible, because the homework requires analyzes that take time and should open some literature. Fortunately there is a friend giving advice in completing my homework assignment. I do my homework online!

Just a few moments my homework has been completed. I just read and study the results to be presented in front of the class. With the help of online, I survived from the confusion and numbness in the front of the class. For me doing homework online is fine as long as it is used as a source to increase knowledge and insight, because sometimes homework cannot be done because it is too hard. I assume that the online homework assignment is to consult with an expert. I can use the result directly or redesigned to be more perfect. People who do my homework online I assumed as a studying mate.


Connor Harley said...

Students nowadays are just so lucky to have the internet as a very easy access to research and do homework without having to flip through many books.

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