Word of Mouth Marketing With Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media. Because of the popularity, twitter by entrepreneurs can be used as a medium for marketing their business. No products exceptions, even products for adults also take advantage of social media for their word of mouth marketing. Http://twitter.com/porn is an example of the use of social media for word of mouth marketing. So what exactly is the word of mouth marketing?

I'm sure you've ever been shopped, and then you are satisfied with the services provided by the store. You get excited and then you tell your friends about the impressive service that you get when you visit the store. You excitedly told your friends about the store you visit and invite your friends to try to visit.
That is called the word of mouth marketing, a form of free marketing done by the consumer and the result is very powerful. Without being asked or told by the company, consumers will introduce the products they use to their friends. If the products they use can satisfy them, then maybe consumers will increase. Vice versa, if the product is used very disappointing them, they will tell their disappointment to their friends, and this will result in a reduction of sales turnover. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing form but the cost is very low, even relatively free. The key of word of mouth is the customer experience of the product they bought, where customer satisfaction is the key measure.

If the first word of mouth just limited to the local environment where consumers only interact face-to-face, now in internet era, the concept of word of mouth is spreading. Consumers who may have satisfying or disappointing experience can express their satisfaction or complaints through social media such as Twitter porno for adult stuff.


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