Ten Points of Radical Marketing

Marketing is changing rapidly as fast as technology changes that occur. Therefore, marketing strategies must also be able to adapt to the changes that occur in both the external and internal environment.

Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin wrote a book called “radical marketing”. This book highlights the major companies such as Harley Davidson, Virgin Atlantic Air Ways, and Boston Beer for adopting a different approach to marketing that focuses on stretching limited resources, remain in contact closely with customers, and create a more satisfactory solution for the customers needs. This are ten points of radical marketing :

1. CEOs Must have marketing function. CEOs of radical marketers never delegate their marketing responsibility. In this case, the company has a Chief Marketing Officer who directly responsible for concerned with marketing.

2. Make sure that the small and flat marketing departments, and should be kept small and flat. CEOs do not have to let the management layer grown so large that enlarging their distance from the market.

3. Face with the most meaningful - the customer. Radical marketers realize the advantages from direct interaction with customers.

4. Use market research carefully. the radical marketers prefer grassroots techniques for their analysis.

5. Works only passionate missionaries, not marketers. Radical marketers do not have a marketers, they have missionaries.

6. Love and respect your customers as individuals, rather than as numbers in a spreadsheet. The radical marketers recognize that the customers are responsible for their company's success.

7. Create a community of customers. radical marketers encourage their customers to think of themselves as a community, and think of brands as a unifying community.

8. Rethink the marketing mix. For example, radical marketers use direct marketing advertising campaign which features are short and targeted
9. Notice of public opinion and compete with larger competitors without a fresh and different marketing ideas. Radical marketers, limiting their distribution to create loyalty and commitment among the distributors and their customers.

10. Loyal to the brand. Radical marketers are obsessive about brand integrity, and they pegged on quality.


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