What Type of Marketer Are You?

Did you know about the type Marketer? Marketer is spearheading a business. Without a reliable marketer, as well as any product, there can be absorbed by the market demand. Therefore the marketer is among the most frequent attention in a business. For the survival of a business depends on the marketer.
Well, the marketers themselves many kinds. They have the properties and characteristics of each. Here are categorized into six types of marketers. Want to know what?

Here are the six types of marketers:

1. The pitchman type. This is the kind of marketer who just bring their products to consumers, no matter what they need or want. Typically, this type marketers talk more without attention to the needs or desires of prospects.

2. The whiner type. Type of marketers are usually more feature than the product itself. They will seduce all out and sometimes excessive, such as through whining.

3. Passive type. Marketer of this type are usually very passive and tend to be closed. Rarely approach the prospect. In his mind, that prospect will certainly need to buy your own, without the need offered. Because rarely do approach, the relationships built less interactive. Type marketers actually want to approach. Just sometimes hampered by lack of confidence. So feel embarrassed when offered products.

4. The opponent attackers type. Marketers usually prefer to do this type of action is not commendable. As denigrate competitors. How it is done starting from the most subtle to the most evil. Examples blew odor issues. Hopefully, when the rival has been exhausted, that will replace the product.

5. The average type. Type marketer is probably the most. Namely combining marketers sell products to sell himself. Unfortunately, the technique offer too standard or less innovative.

6. The professional type. This type of marketer broaden the outlook. Marketer suggests the prospect that he sold the solution to solve a problem. Marketer of this type usually approach prospects by digging propek needs or desires. Only when specific problems the prospect is found, the solution offered. Upon any sale occurs, a professional marketer, will continue to maintain good relations with customers.

Other privileges, professional marketers usually have high creativity. So although how that is done is common practice in many marketers, but thanks to the creativity, capable of making the usual way is to not biasa.Contoh, eg common way is to advertise a product promotion or promotion either in the newspaper or television. Tung Desem Waringin promote his book by spreading the money out of the air.
Professional marketers are aware that if they are able to do things that may be used but in a way that is not normal, it will attract many people.


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